CJ's Bible Studies Web Links!

These are a list of links I have according to topic.



Hotmail provides free e-mail for all users.


Freei.net is a free ISP. You must download their software and install it to use Freei. You must also look at ads while surfing, but it's free!


Mail.com provides free e-mail for all users.

Eudora E-mail Client

Eudora is a free e-mail program like MS Outlook.

Yahoo! Geocities

Geocities provides free web pages for all. Check out other members' pages.

Fortune City

Fortune City is also a provider of free web pages for everybody. They have lots of members. Check out their member pages.


Xoom.com is also a provider of free web pages for all. They too have lots of members. You can make your own very easily here.


Tripod! Tripod is also a provider of free pages. This is our provider, so give them a holler and say you think this page should win page of the month.

RealAudio's RealPlayer

RealPlayer is a free audio and video player(basic version). You can download it for free from this site.

AOL's Web Site

Here is AOL's page. You can check your AOL Mail from anywhere from here. It is a pretty good page.

Computer Help


They can answer a lot of your computer questions here.

The Screen Savers Web Site

Here is a web page that can really help you. They have a Linux page, a supergeek quiz, and a lot of helpful things. Don't forget to subscribe to Leo's ShowNotes.

Call For Help Web Site

This is a page all about helping you. Call Leo Laporte and he can help you with your computer woes.



Jumbo is a huge software library with all kinds of things from screen savers to games to word publishing programs.


Download.com is another huge software library. If you can't find what you're looking for at Jumbo, try here.


TuCoWs is another library. If you can't find what you're looking for at either of the two above, look here.


CyberMedia is the publisher of First Aid 2000, Guard Dog, and many others. You can download free trial versions of their software here.


Shareware.com is yet another software library. They have a lot of files and reviews on them.


Napster is a MP3 program in which you can listen to downloaded MP3 files, download MP3 files, or chat with people all at the same time. And the best part is, it's free!